A Guide to Convert HTML to PDF in C#

A Guide to Convert HTML to PDF in C#

Converting an HTML file into a PDF could turn out to be a very difficult task, if you have never tried it before and are inexperienced about it. You might need the PDF form of your document which is required for the printing purposes. However, with the help of C#, you can easily covert the HTML form of a document into the PDF form without much hassle.

Here is a guide about how you should go about converting the document.

Creation of a PDF with HTML string

Creating a new PDF file in C# from HTML is an easy and an efficient way of conversion if done with the help of C# HTML Sting to PDF. C# generate PDF with the help of Google Chrome version that is fully functional and is embedded with an Iron PDF DLL. The use of Iron PDF can make this conversion very easy as it keeps all the images, stylesheets and javascript file in a logical and a neat structure.

Exploring the PDF

The process of finding already existing URLs which are existing as PDF is very intuitive and efficient. This helps the team in splitting the PDF design and dividing the work amongst a range of people. The HTML forms and the hyperlinks are preserved in the PDF which is generated by the C# code.

Print options settings

There are quite a number of options for converting the HTML document into the PDF. These options add variety to your PDF and make it look more effective and catchier. Some of these options are –

  • DPI
  • Grey Scale
  • Zoom
  • Render Delay
  • Custom CSS URL
  • Print HTML Backgrounds
  • Fit to The Paper Width
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Title
  • First Page Number
  • Margin Top
  • JPEG Quality
  • Input Encoding

Creating batch PDF

Many developers look for the conversion of HTML into the PDFs because they need to perform some operations in bulk. Hence, this can be done with the help of the creation of an HTML template. It creates a batch of the PDF documents with the help of the technology of mail merging. Some of these operations might also need the methods which involve database query and for this method, a much more sophisticated method is to be brought in to action. monitoring remote employees

HTML templating

Template of a PDF is a very common requirement for the website developers and intranet. You do not need to use an external software to template the PDF document, you can do it within the existing HTML. The dynamic PDF which is generated is combined with the data from a database or a query string.


Hence, you can use the Iron PDF converter to convert the HTML file into the PDF file without any hassle with ease and in an efficient manner. Even the biggest developers get confused about the conversion sometimes, therefore knowing about it all in advance helps you in easily converting the file and get your desired output for the printing purposes.

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