Facts You Need to Know About Gold Grillz

Facts You Need to Know About Gold Grillz

Many hip hop artists are wearing gold grillz as an accessory. Gold is mainly associated with wealth, so inserting a gold tooth in your mouth portrays wealth and prestige. The price tag of gold grillz is high, and there is no better way to prove your riches and success than by wearing gold teeth. They are many types of gold grillz you can select from. Common types include:

1) Custom grillz

These are gold teeth that you can create to your preference. You can request the company to design a specific shape, design, choice of metal, and number of pieces. Custom sets take time to be developed and may be expensive, but it is well worth the value. Custom grillz are the most durable and will last a lifetime with proper care to maintain its shine. Because these are custom made, it will have a perfect fit to your teeth and will be very comfortable. They are beautiful and will complement your jaw naturally. The removable custom grillz are the most popular since you can wear it and remove it at any time.

2) Insta grillz

These are also known as pre-made grillz. Pre-made grillz are already made to a standard size to have a one-size-fits-all type of feel. These are much cheaper because they do not use real gold or silver, but rather stainless steel or brass. You can remove them anytime and wear them back as per your preference. They are easy to maintain as their cleanability is easy, but it is not as durable as the custom grillz and the shine may fade much quicker. Overtime, these may be uncomfortable because it may not fit your teeth perfectly.

3) Permanent grills

Permanent grillz are fixed permanently on your teeth. You cannot remove them at your leisure. They may be convenient as you don’t need to remove and wear them again. The permanent grillz functions just like the natural teeth and you will not have any difficulties in eating or brushing them. However, the gold teeth may be sensitive when you first insert them, but you will eventually adapt to your permanent grillz with time.

Is it safe to wear gold grillz?

Pure gold is friendly to the body and will not cause any side effects. However, if the gold teeth are made of impurities and fabricated gold, it will cause undesirable effects in your mouth. Ensure that when selecting grillz, you carefully scrutinize its quality and only acquire from a reliable supplier. Additionally, as grillz functions as regular teeth, they are safe to perform normal teeth duties. You can clean them effectively with a non-grainy toothpaste and soft bristled toothbrush to avoid any bacterial buildup in your gold teeth. Custom sets and pre-made grillz are the safest options since you can remove them if you experience any sensitivity or itching. However, the permanent type may require additional time and effort to remove if there is any sensitivity, so the pain may worsen because of the removing procedure.

Bottom Line

In addition to gold grillz being an accessory, they can be used to conceal a defective jawline or tooth. If you have a chipped or broken tooth, you can opt to cover it with gold teeth. Gold teeth are the trending flashing teeth designs in the market. Plated metals and other types of temporary teeth are slowly becoming inferior. If you want to prove a particular lifestyle, a gold tooth is the best way to rock. Custom sets are the most beautiful fitting types. You can select a unique design to suit your jaw. The teeth you will wear will not have any disparities as it has been customized just for you to be perfect in every way.

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