Why It's Time to Switch to a Keyless Door Lock

Why It’s Time to Switch to a Keyless Door Lock

You would think that your home’s safe because you locked the doors on your way out. But surely you know that door locks are easy to pick because of the little open space in the keyway. Keyless locks in that regard are much better than standard door locks that require keys.

For a lot of us, a keyless door lock would seem to be something that sounds a bit complicated. It really isn’t, and what’s even better is that they are tamperproof! So no burglar would even bother to try and mess with the door lock.

How Are Keyless Door Locks Better

Here are some benefits that you would enjoy if you were to replace your standard door lock with a keyless one.

1. Accessible Remotely

When we say remotely we mean it in both senses – through remote control which is your smartphone or even your tablet, and remote meaning when you’re away from home and that could mean outside in your garage, standing in the mall, or in another state altogether. Pretty cool right?

2. Forget Losing and Lending Your Keys

Keyless door locks require you to lock and unlock your doors using passcodes, or with the tap of a button on your smartphone – while some also automatically lock and unlock themselves using your phone location.

But this means you no longer have to fumble for keys at the door. You don’t have to go through panic when you lose your keys. And you won’t have to lend it to your neighbor so they can water your indoor plants while you’re away. Just generate temporary passcodes for your family and friends, or unlock the door for them using your phone, from wherever you happen to be.
3. Keep Tabs On Your Door Activity

Keyless door locks, since they have their own mobile apps, include several features, each unique to their own brand. But what they all usually have in common is the fact that you can track your door lock activity. This is the perfect way to keep tabs on whoever is coming and going and at precisely what time.

In the same way, you can use the mobile app to check whether the door is locked or not. And if not, you can do it from the mobile app – easy! Some door locks are also wired to send alerts to our smartphones if the door is left unlocked.
4. Tamperproof and Secure

If all of the above benefits haven’t been given it away yet, then we’ll spell them out for you. Keyless door locks provide more safety and security for your homes than standard locks. Since these can only be unlocked by personalized passcodes or apps that the members of the household possess, there is no reason for you to worry about your home behind your back.

Are Keyless Door Locks Easy To Install

Of course, after reading the benefits of keyless door locks who wouldn’t want to get them for their front doors? So naturally, the next question to arise is how to install an electronic door lock. Is it difficult? Would you need professional assistance?

Ideally, if you’re someone that can’t do some of the handiwork around the house like the fathers of our generation could do, you would need professional assistance. And FirstEnergy provides customers with installation services – check it out on their website: www.firstenergyhome.com.

One thing you should know though, if your door doesn’t have a deadbolt already, it could be tough trying to fit in a keyless door lock device.

Should You Really Get a Keyless Door Lock?

The thing about keyless door locks is that they connect to our smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi – mostly Wi-Fi. That is how you can access the device while you’re away from home. But is a keyless door lock going to be suitable for everybody? That’s the real question.

Now, there is truth to the fact that even with the progression of technology, there is a percentage of people who don’t wish to keep up. That means the generation our parents and grandparents belong to. They prefer a simple life, so a keyless door lock which comes with so many technical things attached, may not be as exciting for them to use compared to us.

So there’s the factor of people not wanting to introduce such tech into their homes. Secondly, in order to support this device, and make it functional, you require Wi-Fi connectivity around the clock. What good is the keyless door lock when it doesn’t read commands in real-time? It defeats the safety aspect, and its other features altogether.

Making the Switch

Like everything of course keyless door locks come with their limitations. But they don’t outweigh the good the device brings to your home. There are different kinds of keyless door locks in the market. Should you want to explore more about such a device, head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website today and read up on the specifications of each type. There might just be one that sounds like a good fit for your home.

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