6 Digit Result

6 Digit Result

Currently, the variety of opportunities available to lottery players worldwide is truly incredible. Of course, the Philippines is no exception.

Philippine lottery results including 6 Digit Result can be accessed on the internet right after they are published by the official operator.

If you are new to this betting game, here we are giving all the information related to 6 digit game:

What is the Philippines 6 digit game?

It is a lottery located in the Philippines that was launched in August 1997. PCSO Lotto 6 Digit is currently available only in the Philippines.

It is a very popular lottery, but it was always known as PCSO Lotto 6 Digit. The game format has never been changed since the Philippines 6 Digit Lotto has been released.

About Philippines 6 digit game result:

Philippines 6-Digit Game results are always published right after the draw that happens at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office headquarters in Mandaluyong City.

At the moment, the draws happen three times a week. To be more precise, they publish on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, at 9:00 p.m. local time. Philippines 6-Digit Game numbers are drawn using the computer’s random number generator. The first draw occurred on August 11, 1997.

How it works? Raffling the Philippines 6-Digit Game numbers:

The current game format is as follows: 6 / 0-9. As you can see, players must choose 6 main Philippines 6-Digit Game numbers from the assortment of 0-9 Philippine 6-Digit Game numbers. Please note that in the Philippines, 6 Digit Lotto there are no bonuses or additional numbers.

Philippines 6 Digit Lotto Winning Odds and prize categories:

Currently, the lottery offers 5 prize categories. An exceptional thing is that if there is no winner, the PCSO Lotto 6 Digit jackpot grows until the next draw.

Currently it is equivalent to Php 150,000 ($ 3,000). Fortunately, the fact that the PCSO Lotto 6 Digit jackpot is quite modest, is offset by fairly high chances of winning.

As you can see from the official statistics, the chances of winning the jackpot are 1: 100,000. In particular, you will have to correctly guess all the 6 main numbers of the Philippines 6-Digit Game.

Philippines 6 Digit Lotto Prizes:

The minimum price of the game is Php 10 ($ 0.20). PCSO Lotto 6 Digit does not offer many possibilities to multiply the prize. The lottery does not provide any additional games.

Philippine Prize Payouts 6 Digit Lotto:

Remember that the PCSO Lotto 6 Digit jackpot can only be paid in a lump sum. To receive it, one will have to personally visit the operator’s headquarters in Mandaluyong City.

As for prizes from other Philippine 6 Digit Lotto categories, they can be received at regional lottery offices. More accurately, this applies to prizes of Php 20,000 ($ 395). Amounts up to Php 5,000 ($ 98) are paid by lottery retailers.

Unfortunately, the Philippines 6 Digit Lotto winnings are subject to a 20% tax. One more thing to keep in mind is that all prizes must be claimed for 90 days from the date of the draw. Otherwise, the winning ticket expires despite the Philippines 6 Digit Result.

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