Best Earphone in India

Best Earphone in India

Its been 5 years acid eye is committed to providing the quality mobile phone accessories. Their chain of product includes Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth headphone, earphones, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, chargers, solar light, and true wireless. An acid eye is known for its earphones/headphones quality in the market. It’s rated among the top seller in the Amazon website.

Our acid eye team every time tries to evolve products that are equipped with the new technology. Our team offer products in a range that are the possible all section of society, we understand phones have become the basic necessity of everyone and earphones are something that is the requirement of every phone. Our Wireless Bluetooth Earphones/headphone collection includes Acid Eye 4.1 Wireless Earphones/Earbuds, S502 Sports Dynamic Bluetooth Wireless Headset andS501 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Headset.

Our headphones are designed in a way that a flexible to the user’s neck. The headphones are waterproof and have an above Bluetooth version. One of our product sections includes true wireless earphone that comes with a 1500 maH charging dock. The charging dock helps in charging the earphones. Our Wireless Earbud have a wide wireless range of 15 m for one earbud and 10 m for both the earbuds. Our other headphones can play music within the 30-foot range. The wireless earphones have a charging-dock that looks elegant in matte black. You can find various colors available for our wireless earphones, colors like black, blue and grey. It takes almost 2 hours and less for our headphones/earphones to get charged. Also, the earphones battery lasts for minimum 5-6 hours and maximum 18 hours even after the continuous talk. Our wireless earphones got clyster clear sound quality along with the bass quality. These earphones will make you feel as if you are listening to something live. Our earphones have noise cancelation features. You can also connect two to three and more mobile simultaneously to the earphones. The earphones have an HD microphone that will allow the user for hands-free callings. Most of our earphones are very light in weight and could be connected to phones, tablets, PC and laptops. Our earphones are designed in a way that is suitable for all day usage.

Our best products include Acid Eye 4.1 Bluetooth Headset/Earbuds, X-90 Bluetooth Headset, Acid Eye 4.1 Waterproof wireless Bluetooth earphones. Bluetooth headset for mobile easily connects with call phones. Due to its stylish look and affordable price range Acid Eye Qy8 Universal Apt-X Bluetooth V4.1, Wireless Stereo Headphones with Bluetooth Version 4.1 Hands-Free Calling is the top sold product in Amazon.

Below are few features of Acid Eye Qy8 Universal Apt-X Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless Stereo Headphones with Bluetooth Version 4.1 Hands-Free Calling

  • Battery: 80mah
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Noise Cancellation features
  • Weight: 16.4g
  • The earphones carry the microphone
  • The earbuds are too light and are comfortable to the ears
  • Warranty period: 1 year
  • The product is available in
  • Also, you can visit their official site and place your order there.
  • Price: Rs 1250
  • The headphones are sweat proof
  • The earphones could be connected to two devices via Bluetooth simultaneously
  • The earphones get charged within 2 hours
  • The earphones operating range lasts up to 10m

The product has the not only a good bass quality but is in an affordable price range. The headphones are sweat proof and could be connected to more than two devices through Bluetooth simultaneously. You can feel the soul of the song through these headphones. You might have used numerous earphones of different brands but I am sure after using an Acid Eye Qy8 Universal Apt-X Bluetooth V4.1 Wireless Stereo Headphones, you will feel the difference. A recommended and must use the product.

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