Decoding the GST Registration Number

Decoding the GST Registration Number

GST Registration Number

GST number is known as GSTIN (Goods and Service Tax Identification Number). Before GST was actualized the business holders use to enlist under VAT law. Later on, the administration chose to assemble a tax was named as GST (Goods and Service Tax). The business holders whose yearly turnover stretch out 20 lakh rupees needs to enroll for GST registration and will be furnished with a GSTIN which is a 15-digit one of a kind number.

Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is a unique code, which is differentiated as per different states. GSTIN is a 15 digits enlistment number comprising of state code, PAN, entity code, and the check digit.

Following mentioned is the detailed information regarding GST Number format and its segregation.

  • State Code in GST Number

GST number is of 15 digits, the first two digits define the State code or the code which indicates the specific state where the business takes place.

Following are the state codes for GST number in India.

States State code
Jammu & Kashmir 01
Himachal Pradesh 02
Punjab 03
Chandigarh 04
Uttaranchal 05
Haryana 06
Delhi 07
Rajasthan 08
Uttar Pradesh 09
Bihar 10
Sikkim 11
Arunachal Pradesh 12
Nagaland 13
Manipur 14
Mizoram 15
Tripura 16
Meghalaya 17
Assam 18
West Bengal 19
Jharkhand 20
Orissa 21
Chhaattisgarh 22
Madhya Pradesh 23
Gujrat 24
Daman & Diu 25
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 26
Maharashtra 27
Andhra Pradesh 28
Karnataka 29
Goa 30
Lakshdweep 31
Kerala 32
Tamil Nadu 33
Pondicherry 34
Andaman & Nicobar Islands 35


The digits from 3 to 12 represent the PAN number of the company, which helps to bind GST with PAN database. PAN number is a 10 digits alpha-numerical number.

Entity Code

The thirteenth digit is alpha-numeric (1-9 and after that A-Z) and is assigned depending on the quantity of registration with similar PAN number in one State.

Example, a legal entity with single enlistment in a State would have number 1 as the thirteenth digit of the GSTIN. On the off chance that the equivalent lawful element goes for a second enrollment for a second business vertical in a similar State, the thirteenth digit of GSTIN will be 2.

It is possible for an individual to handle 35 different businesses.

“Z” by default

The 14th digit of a GSTIN is “Z” by default.

Last Digits of GSTIN

The last digit of the GSTIN will be the check code used for the detection of errors.

GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number) is generated after GST registration in India. Along with this GST registration can be done online with a simple online registration procedure.

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