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Roger Wolfson – Secrets for Writing Political Speeches That Create Impact

Speeches are important for Presidents and political leaders. It helps them to win an election and term. The wrong speech can ruin your chances of success in any election. Prominent political leaders and Presidents hire speechwriters skilled in the art of writing. Speechwriters need to have excellent knowledge and a penchant for words for creating a winning speech.

Roger Wolfson – Writing a powerful political speech

Roger Wolfson is an eminent speechwriter, TV writer, screenwriter, and activist for animal rights. He has been on the staff of four US Senators, namely, Ted Kennedy, Paul Wellstone, Joe Liebermann, and John Kerry. He has been a political speechwriter for prominent high-profile Democrats in the USA. He has been the Vice President of Channel One News. He has established his own firm in strategic consulting and has served as a civil rights attorney.

Speeches should be quick and to the point

Being a speechwriter means you should be aware of the central point of the topic. The speech should have a theme and words that the targeted audience will remember. The theme must be simple so that it can be expressed in a sentence. The audience will grasp just some ideas, and they remember little. It is surprising, but research has proved that people actually remember little of political speeches. This is because, in a speech, people cannot refer to what was said in a book. The words you use should be quick and well connected to the focal idea. You should never use a one-liner that is unrelated to the topic.

The tone of political speech should be simple

When you have decided on the theme for the speech, you should consider its tome, and it should be simple. This must be kept in mind at every step. Experts experienced in the field of speechwriting state that a speech is going to be read loudly to the audience and is not on a page. The speech should be appropriate for the location and the size of the audience. They should be familiar with the topic you are discussing. The tone should be conversational if you want to make your speech a successful one. This will alleviate the high chance of people forgetting what you want to say in the speech.

Talk to the audience naturally

Write like you are talking to the audience. Try to make them laugh, especially if you are speaking about general topics. In this way, you can engage the audience and strike a good rapport with them. Speechwriting is an art and practice makes you perfect. Listen to the famous speeches of political leaders to get an idea of how you should frame the sentences and start talking to the audience.

A speech is in no way an essay. As per Roger Wolfson the points of the speech should be defined and clear. The sentences that are used should be shorter as people cannot comprehend complex things when they are listening to you. The same also holds true when you are reading as well.

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