What is Wire Forming?

What is Wire Forming?

Wire forming is the process of bending wires into a custom shape to suit a specific industry need. Acme Wire has been in the business of wire forming since the 1970s providing their customers with custom wire form solutions and precision fabrication of component parts and products. Acme Wire continues to grow while maintaining high standards and meeting the needs of customers using the highest quality materials.

Wireframes are used in a variety of industries, from construction and HVAC to medical devices and electronics. Acme Wire is able to be mold wire products into racks for kitchens, washing baskets for hospitals, or any other products, both standard and customized. Their materials and finishes are extremely durable and can withstand strong chemicals and temperatures from cleaning and sterilization, especially in medical environments and hospitals or other industries that require highly sanitized products.

Acme Wire provides first class service and exceptional wire products for all of their clients. The materials used for the wire forming include stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, carbon steel, and Monel. They provide custom metal fabrication and intricate parts designed to meet their customers’ exact specifications. Many Acme Wire clients need different types of work, such as sheet metal stamping, done to bend the metal into a specific shape used for everything from automotive to medical and aerospace industries.

So whether you need wire guards or other custom designed products for your industry, Acme Wire is there to help! Your business can have a wire product formed to your unique specifications – all at a reasonable price. As experts in the wire forming and shaping industry, Acme Wire has the solutions for all of the wire forming need that your business has. Contact Acme Wires today to see how they can help you with your next wire forming project.

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