Advantages And Uses Of Foam Gasket Tapes

Advantages And Uses Of Foam Gasket Tapes

Foam gasket tape is widely preferred in packaging and in other fields such as the Automotive industry, building and construction and more. It offers protection and insulation against dampness, moisture, dirt, dust, air molecules, impacts and vibration during transit. Foam gasket tapes are available in the market in various densities such as low, medium and high. This makes them flexible for use in curving surfaces and more. It is easy to use and facilitates speedy installation. Foam gasket tapes make it a cost-effective solution for packaging and manufacturing processes.

Advantages of foam gasket tapes:

  • Foam gasket tapes have a whole lot of advantages to it which makes it a popular choice. Right from the manufacturing process to the delivery of the goods, foam gasket tapes play an important part.
  • Foam gasket tapes are manufactured in specified thicknesses. During the manufacturing process, adhesives are directly coated onto the surface and heat is applied. It is then rolled up in tape grade rolls. When the gasket tapes are unrolled the adhesive is on the inner surface instead of the outer one. This enables easy use and does away with any requirement for adding release Liners. This saves installers a lot of effort and time spent on its application and assemblage.
  • Foam gasket tapes are cost-effective. It reduces the cost spent on materials, designing and other manufacturing aspects. It possesses the inherent feature of meeting the specific dimensional requirements. The cutting of the foam gasket tapes is done with a rotating blade that cuts into the tape in order to provide rolls of specific widths and lengths. It also facilitates die-cutting.
  • The special foam used in the gasket tapes provides protection against external factors such as acid spills, chemicals, fire, wear and tear, sunlight, dust and more.
  • Foam gasket tape comes in different densities that are suitable for use in specific industrial applications. Whether it may be industrial use, building and construction, HVAC or the automobile industry, foam gasket tapes have been in high demand over the years. It is suitable for all weather conditions and for weather-stripping applications. It is cost-effective when compared to the Other types of tapes.
  • The strength, toughness and high density of the foam gasket tape makes it suitable for all industrial applications. The tough material provides impact resistance and protects the contents from damage. In addition to this, it also comes with an increase in adhesive force that keeps the contents intact. It also provides high cushioning protection with its high internal strength and density.
  • Foam gasket tapes are the perfect vibration dampeners that keep out vibrations and seals away air. It is widely used in Access panels as it provides environmental sealing. It is used for sealing gaps between two surfaces. It is widely used for helmets log homes And as roof curb seals.

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